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Thread: Portege 2010 - Bad BIOS (block3)

  1. Portege 2010 - Bad BIOS (block3)
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    Nov 2010
    i have a portege 2010 with a bad bios
    on normal startup it goes to this screen
    BIOS(Block3) is damaged! (Call your serviceman.)

    so i have tried to reflash the bios the usual way.
    making a floppy with
    biosfile biofca6t.com
    and booting up with either the bios flashing key pressed (just left of the spacebar)
    or by pressing any key at the "block3" screen

    it does load the chgbiosa.exe program. which reads the bios file
    Flashes, and reboots
    Reading BIOS file...
    Erasing and Writing BIOS data...

    ROM write Successfull!!
    Utility Finished
    Then it Reboots

    but sadly. nothing changes. it still goes to the Block 3 screen

    so i am thinking that i may have a damaged bios chip on my hands.
    since the successfull re-flash doesn't do anything..

    so i decided to check if the chgbiosa indeed do anything.
    so during the write process i disconnected the power.
    (incomplete write process) and i ended up, with a (block 1)
    damaged. Another bios update later.
    and we are back to (Block3)
    so it does write to the bios
    DO NOT TRY THIS: May erase the "failsafe" part of the bios
    so the question is. Where do i go from here.

    i am willing and able to desolder the chip and flash it elsewhere
    but i dont have a "complete" bios file only the user flashable part of it from the official updates..

    can i order a new preflashed chip somewhere?

    can i somehow totally erase the user area of the bios and then reflash it?

    can i somehow overwrite the bios (more than the standard chgbiosa way ?)

    can i transplant the bioschip from a Portege 2000 motherboard
    (will the failsafe boot so i can flash it with a P2010 bios ?)

    can i boot some other tool calling it "chgbiosa.exe" on the floppy that may be usefull

    can i make the biosfile smaller, so it wont need block3 (removing toshiba logo etc)
    from the rom file ?

    Any suggestions are highly appreciated

    This laptop is a pet project. so i am willing to do just about anything..


  2. Re: Portege 2010 - Bad BIOS (block3)

    So many questions and most of them should be answered by technicians. I really think you need professional help. I recommend you to call nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
    To be honest I don’t think you will be able to order this chip anywhere. Talk with service.

    By the way: refurbished mainboard for Portege 2000/2010 with well working BIOS chip I found on eBay for 39 Euro so if you will not be able to do anything and repair BIOS buy new motherboard, exchange it and be happy.

    By the way, I have Portege 2000 and it is really nice notebook.

  3. Portege 2010 - Bad BIOS (block3) - need motherboard circuit details
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    Nov 2010
    I looked around for spare parts for the laptop.
    But they are all pretty pricey for this project!
    so that's not happening..

    I have played around with the laptop for a while now and no luck... I'd like to try the debug port but i need to make an interface.

    From the maintenance manual i get the pinout

    1 B3V -
    2 DBGRX-B3P I
    3 V5 O
    4 GND -

    I'm kind of guessing its a TTL serial port maby 3v?
    but not sure. Anybody have a circuit for interfacing?

    Also i need to locate the Toshiba "Diagnostic Test program"
    cant seem to find it googling... Anybody?

    I'm also considering "piggybacking" another 4Mbit (256K×16-bit) flash on top and reflash "both" and then maby use that in place of the original one... (thining that the block 3 area is actiually damaged in the original chip)
    Although it wont flash all parts of the bios (recovery section)

    It "should" boot from the "user space blocks" it if i remove the "chip select" from the original chip?
    small soldering though..

    Any help is highly appreciated..


  4. Re: Portege 2010 - Bad BIOS (block3) - need motherboard circuit details
    Don’t think someone here would be able to help you dude…
    Did not find any motherboard circuit diagrams on the Toshiba page…
    Don’t think that something like that could be downloaded…

    The point is that if the ROM module is damage, then the whole mobo needs to be replaced… in some cases the ROM module could be removed from the ROM module slot but in most cases it’s soldered.

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