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Thread: Satellite Pro L510 - Crashes and blue screen

  1. Satellite Pro L510 - Crashes and blue screen
    I'm a new user of Toshiba Satellite Pro L510, since September this year, barely 3 months old.
    Recently had encountered 2 crashes (2nd one is today‘s). As it happened today, there was blue-screen appearing, that included messages like "crash", "writing physical memory.." etc.

    Besides sending for repair for this new laptop, I am not sure what is the best way to handle this crash and what might be the best way to prevent this crash.

    Recently I have installed programs such as, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, anti-virus program (Sophos), which I thought are necessary (the first one was for my studies as well).

    Would appreciate any pointers, to advise me if these could be the causes for the crash, and what I should do to maintain the laptop better or is there any generic shortcoming that perhaps I should take note.

    Thanks in advance, for any advice for this laptop.
    kind regards

  2. Re: Satellite Pro L510 - Crashes and blue screen
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    First of all I must say it’s very hard to say if this problem is software or hardware related but in most cases such crashes are caused by software or drivers...

    I don’t know how much programs you have installed, what OS you use and if there are any compatibility problems but you can test it yourself: Start Toshiba recovery installation from recovery disk. After this you have the same settings as you purchased it.

    You should test it a little bit these settings. If everything is ok it was just a software or driver problem. ;)

  3. Re: Satellite Pro L510 - Crashes and blue screen
    Hi Syntax,
    i've also called up Toshiba customer service, and had help with walking through the recovery steps.

    Just figuring out the wireless connection now, cuz didn't seem to be able to establish that connection (only have local lan, but not any wireless connection. When I tried to set up new connection, "Wireless" option was not available for me as well).

    Been looking through the manual to see how to enable the wireless connection for Satellite Pro L510, including using combination of [Fn] + [F8], but haven't been able to find any way to enable it.

    This looks like another question now :-), could you advise me on it too?

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    This notebook model is not known to me but if there is WLAN switch or WLAN button be sure it is ON. After doing this use FN+F8 key combination and enable WLAN card.

    It is pretty easy and must be described in user’s manuals.

  5. Re: Satellite Pro L510 - Crashes and blue screen
    Thanks Barrie :-)

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