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Thread: Tecra S3 - New SSD stuck on JBOD, can't install windows on it

  1. Tecra S3 - New SSD stuck on JBOD, can't install windows on it
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    Nov 2010
    I had a similar problem with my TECRA S3.
    I attempted to update the HDD on the computer.
    It was equipped w/a 100gb 5400rpm SATA drive.
    I wanted to install a 320gb 7200rpm SATA drive.
    I didn't think that there would be an issue since they were both SATA drives.
    I purchased a CLONING DRIVE hardware (which came with software).
    The new drive was a WD drive & the cloning package worked as advertised.
    When I removed the 100gb & replaced it with the 320gb drive I received the fatal BSOD.
    I did have the latest BIOS on the computer, as shown on the TOSHIBA download website.
    I also had (or thought) I had the latest RAID drivers as shown on the TOSHIBA download website.
    After some additional testing, I determined that the problem was not with the BIOS.
    It appeared that the BIOS recognized the drive. I had loaded a different image on the new drive
    & was able to try a SAFE MODE run. When I saw that it was reading the new drive & crashing later,
    I was convinced that it was some kind of WINDOWS driver.
    What I later found was that TOSHIBA listed an updated RAID driver list for VISTA.
    I downloaded & opened up that file.
    I found a FILE in the VISTA list that was the same name as the RAID driver for the WINDOWSXP.
    In performing a FC on the two files, I could tell that they were different.
    I re-cloned the new drive. After it was done, I overwrote the file on the CLONED drive. I used the VISTA
    driver to the windowsXP directory.
    After this was done, I installed the new drive & WINDOWSXP came up & operated as expected.
    In addition, after WINDOWS came up, it ran the "FOUND NEW HARDWARE" deal, which I let it complete, as well.
    The file that I changed was the: c:\windows\system32\KR1OI.sys.
    If you download the file for the VISTA RAID DRIVERS, you will see that it is an EXE file. It is a self-expanding ZIP file. When you execute it, you will see the file in there.

  2. Re: Tecra S3 - New SSD stuck on JBOD, can't install windows on it
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    Cool, thatís really interesting story! :)

    Iím sure itís useful for other Tecra S3 owners too!

  3. Re: Tecra S3 - New SSD stuck on JBOD, can't install windows on it
    Thank you for the posting.

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