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Thread: Equium A200- Continuous beep at boot

  1. Equium A200- Continuous beep at boot
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    Aug 2010
    A colleague spilt water over an Equium A200 and as a result it beeps continuously at startup. Actually you get a beep, followed immediately by another. However, if you press F1 it boots up OK and all is well. I have run diagnostics and have found nothing wrong.
    The only problem is that one or two of the keys don't work so well if you touch them lightly.

    Anyone have any ideas about resetting the beep, or what else I might do? Thanks.


  2. Re: Equium A200- Continuous beep at boot
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    Sep 2009

    I think itís not easy to say why this happens but maybe the water has damaged the keyboard and so always a will be pressedÖ I donít know it exactly.

    I think it will not be so useful for you if we discuss about this here without testing it and we donít have real facts so your notebook should be checked from a notebook technician. The guys can make a detailed diagnostic and order spare parts.

    On the Toshiba website you can find a list of authorized service providersÖ Good luck!

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