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Thread: Libretto W100 very high battery usage

  1. Libretto W100 very high battery usage
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    Oct 2010

    I experienced in the last weeks that the nice new Libretto W100 is very battery hungry. Of course it will use some because it has a lot to power.

    For example: taking notes during a meeting, 1.5 pages (A4 size, font 12), approxim. 50% of the time the screen on, running of course in Eco mode, does kill 74% of the content of the battery.

    Apparantly they didn't really size down Windows 7 to fit better in the mobile world. It can not have been the designers intention to have to carry around this big power supply all the time.

    Does anyone have similar (or other) numbers?


  2. Re: Libretto W100 very high battery usage
    You are right. Libretto W100 has a lot of power.
    What is battery running time on your Libretto?

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