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Thread: Satellite L655-14D - How to restore factory settings?

  1. Satellite L655-14D - How to restore factory settings?
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    Oct 2010
    Hello, I'm Ali.

    I have Toshiba Satellite L655-14D. I format my laptop and repartition HDD and reinstall Windows 7 from Disc and I alrady save Folder HDDrecovery..
    Now, how I can to restor my laptop to factory settings?

    I hope to hear solutions....
    thank u

  2. Re: Rest My Labtop Toshiba Satellite L655-14D factory settings
    To run Toshiba Recovery:

    Choose the Repair Menu in the Windows boot menu (Press and hold F8 at the Toshiba SplashScreen.


    Hold the Zero key during Power Up.

    If that doesn't work, you may need to order a Recovery Disc from Toshiba.

  3. Re: Satellite L655-14D - How to restore factory settings?
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    Sep 2009
    Hey Ali,

    To make some things clear: Did you reinstall Windows 7 from Toshiba recovery disk or Microsoft Windows disk?
    If you have used the Toshiba recovery disk, follow the instructions posted by Akuma. You can use the HDDrecovery feature to restore your notebook to factory settings.

    If you have used the Microsoft disk you need Toshiba recovery disk. HDDrecovery is a Toshiba feature and can only be used with preinstalled OS. Therefore itís not enough that you have already saved the HDDrecovery folder, it will not work!

    If you donít have a recovery disk you can order it here:

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