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Thread: Has Satellite L450D-13X Bluetooth or not?

  1. Has Satellite L450D-13X Bluetooth or not?
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    Sep 2010
    I have just been given a Satellite L450D-13X laptop without handbook and I want to know if it has bluetooth as I want to download photo's from out Nokia mobile which has got Bluetooth
    if it has not can I buy a adapter and software.for it.
    And what is the difference between Bluetooth and Ovi?
    Any help will welcomed.

  2. Re: Has Satellite L450D-13X Bluetooth or not?
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    Sep 2009
    No. This notebook model doesnít have Bluetooth module. You can buy BT dongle and use it for data transfer.

    Sorry but I donít know why OVI is. Probably some Nokia stuff (software).

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