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Thread: Equium A100 - 027: running slow

  1. Equium A100 - 027: running slow
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    Sep 2010
    Any help appreciated - my equium a100-027 is running incrdeibly slow, especially soon after start up.

    This is for all programmes from excel to internet.

    I occasionally get an error message saying Flash Cards not working.

    Please help - thanks!

  2. Re: Equium A100 - 027: running slow

    The Equium A100-027 seems to be equipped with 1GB RAM (2 x512MB)
    If you use Win Vista or Win 7 then it would be advisable to upgrade the RAM up to 2GB.

    You can also disable some not necessary background processes.
    You can do this in msconfig -> Startup tab.

    >I occasionally get an error message saying Flash Cards not working.
    Well, Flash Cards is a utility which controls the FN buttons.
    Possibly this tool needs to be reinstalled again.

    Visit the Toshiba European driver page and download and reinstall the Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility.

    Good luck

  3. Re: Equium A100 - 027: running slow
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    Oct 2009
    Hi buddy,

    What OS is installed at the moment and what do you think about reinstalling it? Usually if you reinstall the OS from time to time it can improve the performance so I reinstall Windows every 1-1,5 years to improve the performance.

    You can also use the Toshiba recovery disk. It contains the preinstalled OS from Toshiba with all drivers and tools. Itís already configured and tested.

    Regarding the Flash Cards error message you should reinstall Flash Cards Support Utility as Paolo30 already wrote and you can download it here:

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