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Thread: Satellite T110-121 Black dot constantly on screen

  1. Satellite T110-121 Black dot constantly on screen
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    Sep 2010
    I received my new T110-121 the other day and after a couple of hours use a small black dot appeared on the screen and has remained in the same spot since even after the computer being switched off and on again.

    Ordinarily such a thing would not bother me too much but i have just purchased the laptop and it is bugging me.

    I was wondering if anyone would know how to resolve this issue or if it is something that need repairing?

  2. Re: Satellite T110-121 Black dot constantly on screen
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    Jun 2009

    It looks like an dead pixel on the screen.
    Such dead pixels are not unusual and this could happen.

    I found this Toshiba document:
    +Information on screen technology and pixel failure tolerance for LCD displays+

    It seems that an certain pixel value is required in order to get the screen replaced.

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