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Thread: Unrecognized drivers and windows installer works on and on

  1. Unrecognized drivers and windows installer works on and on
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    Sep 2010
    Dear Toshiba,

    I need some advice and some help about some issues with my laptop Toshiba Satellite L550D windows 7 ( upgraded with windows 7 which I purchesed from You).

    I have searched several Forums ( Microsoft answers, MSDN, toshiba forum) but I still have some trouble, and I feel free to ask for help this way.

    Issue 1: My laptop does not recognize some drivers, and it happens as follows: I check it in Device manager, system device, ATI I/O communications processor smbus controller, shows message: " no drivers are installed for this device". When I chek "driver" there is message: "No drivers file required or have been loaded for this device".

    When I tried to update driver, automatically there is message that driver is up to date, and in "browse my computer for driver software" it browses to the driver file location, then Select to the driver you want to install, installing driver, and then "windows has succesfully updated your driver software", has finished installing driver for the software ( see above ATI I/O...).

    After that, I downloaded yesterday all available drivers from Toshiba site for my OS and my product, and the situtation is the same, it shows NO drivers file required or have been loaded for this device.

    The same situation is with some other devices, as follows: 1) direct memory access controller, 2) high precission event timer, 3) numeric data processor, 4) programable interrput controller, 5) system speaker, 6) system timer.

    Issue 2: There is also another problem, that some downloaded drivers could not be installed, as follows:

    a) toshiba software modem 2.2.97 ( SM 2297ALDO4), message: Do you want to allow this program to make changes..? I click "yes" but nothing happens.

    b) modem regions select utility driver, It appears message "cannot find support device"

    c) Tiles for mobility center driver, and DVD player driver, touch pad driver synaptics, for that three drivers there is not Install Shield wizard on the screen, and installation does not start at all.

    4) Toshiba vallue added package 1.2.25, shows message, "Try to prepare InstallShiled wizard", then "Another version of this product is allready installed, Instalation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use add/remove programs on the control panel. {FEDD27A0-B306-45EF-BF58-B527406B42C8}.

    I tried to uninstall Toshiba added value package, but it shows Error 1612 the instalation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.

    I have also noticed that existing version on my laptop is 1.2.28 ( from 06.01.2010) and that downloaded version (which cannot be installed) is

    Issue 3: Above all this, every time I start or restart Windows 7, it shows message "windows installer preparing to install", for short and then disappears, ( I have stoped, and then enabled, and restarted Windows installer) and error is not solved.

    What to do to fix it?

    thank YOu

  2. Re: Unrecognized drivers and windows installer works on and on
    SM Bus is the Chipset and is a very important device since so many other devices are attached to the SM Bus.

    You need to install the AMD Chipset Driver (which may include the ATI Display Driver).

    Also ensure the BIOS is updated.

  3. Re: Unrecognized drivers and windows installer works on and on
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    After reading your long posting Iím really asking myself: what are you doing exactly?
    Dera Jelena I have installed Win7 Toshiba upgrades and clean Win7 installation on more than 10 different Toshiba notebooks and didnít have any problem except FN keys functionality on one older Satellite A200.

    Anyway, when you upgrade Vista preinstalled notebook with original Toshiba upgrade kit you must just follow instructions you got with it. At first put composite (drivers) disc and this will check your system and inform you which drivers must be removed from the system before Win7 upgrade starts. When the drivers and some Toshiba tools are removed you must use second upgrade disc for Win7 upgrade.
    After doing this put first disc again and check for compatible drivers installation.

    Thatís so easy to do and I really donít understand what happen with your notebook. After reading your posting I feel you have made clean OS installation and not an upgrade. What have you done exactly? I mean after upgrade cannot be so much hardware conflicts in device manager.

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