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Thread: Portege R700 - freeze & fan

  1. Portege R700 - freeze & fan
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    Sep 2010

    I've a two day old Portege R700 and it has developed a freeze and fan issue. Actually it kicked in on day one.
    Basically the screen freezes and the cooling fan kicks into gear and nothing else responds until you do the off & on again thing. Its happened a couple of times now on two different days.

    Any ideas?
    Send it back?
    Download an amazing bit of software I currently know nothing about?
    Persevere on the toshiba website until I find out how to contact Toshiba directly rather than you good folk?
    Ignore it and hope it goes away?

    Any advice welcome. Though please make it as basic as possible as I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to the technical stuff.

    (Just in case you're thinking about overheating, based in the UK and it isn't a hot day and there is free air circulation around the laptop. The second freeze happened after only ~2h30 of use.)

  2. Re: Portege R700 - freeze & fan
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    It is not easy to discuss about such issues.
    1/ we donít know which OS do you use
    2/ OS configuration is not known to us
    3/ who knows which additional software do you use and what is running in the background
    4/ does this happen with AC power supply, battery power supply or in both cases

    I really donít know what so say at the moment. What you can do, if possible, is to contact nearest authorized service, visit them, explain the situation and see what they will say about all this.

  3. Re: Portege R700 - freeze & fan
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    Sep 2010

    Apologies for the lack of details & thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Windows 7 32 bit.
    As it originally was, I have made no modifications other than loading any updates when I first switched the laptop on.

    Office professional 2010
    Mendeley (An academic paper management system)
    internet explorer 8
    (+any prepackaged stuff that came with the laptop that I haven't opened or explored.)
    McAfee antivirus

    So far I've only run the laptop off the AC power supply. So I do not know if it will also happen on battery power.

    On a positive note, it hasn't happened for the last 3 hours. I will however hunt out the nearest authorized service and ask a few questions.

  4. Re: Portege R700 - freeze & fan
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    To reduce fan activity go to settings for running power plan and enter advanced options. There you will find Toshiba power saver and option for cooling method. Set it to min level.

    Freezing can be caused by different stuff but to avoid that try to disable some useless background processes.

    One more thing: McAffe is Ok but definitely not the best option. Many people have reported about different issues so test it also without McAffe and preinstalled TEMPRO.

  5. Re: Portege R700 - freeze & fan

    This happened to my R700 as well. It's caused by the Authentec fingerprint device entering sleep mode on the USB Bus.

    I found a solution:

    Go into Device Manager
    Expand the Biometric section and select the Fingerprint Device.
    Right click the Fingerprint Device and click "Properties"
    Go into the Power Management Tab
    Untick "Allow this computer to turn of the device to save power"

  6. Re: Portege R700 - freeze & fan
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    Sep 2010
    Thank you!

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