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Thread: Portege M300 BIOS password removal

  1. Portege M300 BIOS password removal
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    Aug 2010

    We from UsedPC a company in Holland thats sell second handed Notebooks en Computers just bought 4 of Toshiba Portege M300
    We only have one problem on all of the machines, They are locked with an start up password ( bios password ) so we cant install them
    Only we need the responses codes that we dont know.
    Can somebody help us out please?



  2. Re: Portege M300 BIOS password removal
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    Mar 2010

    Read this article:


    As you see to remove Bios password you should contact the asp (service center). It's user to user forum and nobody can really help you with this issue.

  3. Re: Portege M300 BIOS password removal
    BIOS password ist most sensible security feature and you cannot expect help in public forum where everyone should find out how it works.
    Then every stolen Portege M300 can be unlocked.

    What I can say is that unlocking method is pretty complicated and just authorized service can help you with this. Even they don't have these codes. Just Toshiba can send them codes following specific procedure.

    So forget it. Go to service, show evidence that notebooks are not stolen and they will help you with this. Of course it will not be for free.

    If you need addresses and phone numbers visit http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP.

  4. Re: Portege M300 BIOS password removal
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    Mar 2010
    I know some methods.
    1. The best and easiest method: Cloce OS and shut down the electricity power of computer. Open your computer box, take out the cmos battery from the mainboard. Then the bios password will be reset to blank. Put it back after a few minutes.
    2. Follow some tutorials, it is difficult to do. It is better that you are a expert. For example this tutorial: * [Bypass BIOS Password or Crack CMOS Password|http://passwordreset.org/bios/bypass-bios-password-or-crack-cmos-password.html] *?
    3. Use the * [bios password recovery tool|http://www.biospasswordrecovery.com] * , but that is not free!

    So I would suggest you the 1st method. Hope it helps.

  5. Re: Portege M300 BIOS password removal
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    Sep 2009
    Are you sure this will work on mobile units?
    As far as I know this may work on desktops but not on notebooks. Following this logic it will be easy to have full access to important data on stolen notebooks worldwide. Sorry but I don't think this will work.

    Anyway UsedPC can send some feedback about that.

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