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Thread: Satellite T130 - Toshiba recovery USB creation

  1. Satellite T130 - Toshiba recovery USB creation

    This is the situation:

    I have Toshiba T130 notebook with no DVD drive. After installing Win7, I shrinked D partition by tool in Win7 and used the free space to install Linux with GRUB. Then I shrinked the C partition also by Win7 tool and used the free space to create another one. This however told me something about dynamic disk or something...

    But somehow it broke GRUB so I decided to reinstall Linux. But the partitions were somehow broken but I installed Linux on the last partition. Since then I could not boot Windows nor repair it because D partition was actually deleted!
    C partition with Win7 seemed intact.

    When trying to repair computer and try to fix boot, I got an error 0x090 or something with partition table error. So therefore I deliberately decided to create new partition table using Gparted which wiped off my HDD. Then I set up new partitions: 3x NTFS, (400 MB recovery, Win7 partition and another one) + extended partition containing NTFS partition + ext4 partition + swap.

    Then I copied files from hidden (which I had backed up previously) into hidden partition on the laptop HDD + I copied Toshiba recovery folder into 3rd NTFS partition (I had backed up those files immediately after getting the laptop).

    Now, I'm stuck with 0xc000000e error when trying to boot. I also followed this thread: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=53952&tstart=15

    Can you help me to make Win7 boot? And which program to use to make Win7 64 bit recovery CD bootable from USB? I tried unetbootin and pendrive but they didn't work...

    All advices will be very appreciated.
    Thank you very much!

  2. Re: Satellite T130 - Toshiba recovery USB creation
    Oh mann what are you doing is amazing. ;)
    The whole HDD structure is now screwed up. I’m just asking myself why you have done this on this small Satellite T130.
    I mean it is all OK what are you doing and you can do what you want with your machine but my personal opinion is that you have wrong notebook for all this.

    Satellite T130 is small ultra portable notebook designed to offer maximum of mobility and offer long battery running time when you are out of office or travelling around. So I think most important thing for such notebook is well installed and configured OS that runs stabile and with minimum of power consumption. This notebook doesn’t have optical disc drive and the whole situation is more complicated if the original “factory settings” are changed.

    What you have now on HDD is nothing but “jungle” and for me it seems pretty confused.
    If you have checked “User’s manuals” document you can find exact explanation what can be done with recovery image saved on second partition and what kind of recovery media can be created.

    Recovery image is not designed for usage with third part applications so it can be problematic to create recovery USB disc.
    Thread link you posted is best thread about this theme and if this will not help I really don't know what you can except to order original Toshiba recovery DVD and make clean OS installation to get “factory settings” again.

  3. Re: Satellite T130 - Toshiba recovery USB creation
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    Hi buddy,

    Wow, that’s a crazy story :D

    I can only agree with Horwath because it makes not sense your confusing installations, partition structure, etc. Why you make the whole story so complicated?

    I mean all Toshiba notebooks come with preinstalled and *pretested* Windows system and configuration. That means everything is tested and configured for best usage regarding performance and battery running time. Especially on such small notebook a good configuration is important to get the most out of battery.

    In my opinion the best thing what you can do is ordering a Toshiba recovery disk from here:

    If you have it, ask a friend for external CD/DVD drive that you can install recovery image again. After this you have a successful installed Windows 7 version and you can have fun with your notebook! :)

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