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Thread: Satellite X200-251 - Need BIOS file for recovery

  1. Satellite X200-251 - Need BIOS file for recovery
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    Jun 2010
    Hello everyone and Greetings from Germany,

    I crashed my BIOS due to an power failure during the Flashing-Process.
    The Laptop can be started in Recovery-Mode (Fn + B) and it accesses the floppy disk drive! I just need an BIOS.WPH or Platform.bin (for the 2.50a-Bios) to reflash it with the Phoenix Crisisrecovery-Disk...

    Can anybody help me with that? Thanks in advance!


  2. Re: Satellite X200-251 - Need BIOS file for recovery
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    Oct 2009

    On the Toshiba website you can only download the Windows based update. The traditional update (DOS) is not available for newer notebooks anymore.

    What you can do is contacting nearest authorized service provider. Maybe the guys can send you the traditional BIOS update and then you can start the update process again. Just give them a call and ask for that. ;)

    But donít forget BIOS recovery is a risky procedure and you could destroy the whole ROM module. Alternative this should be done from an ASP, they can do this for you.

  3. Re: Satellite X200-251 - Need BIOS file for recovery
    The Crisis procedure is different for many laptops, I have doubts if it's even supported on the X200. But anyway I think the safest option would be to send it to an ASP.

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