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Thread: Tecra S11 and BIOS update 2.20

  1. Tecra S11 and BIOS update 2.20
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    Jun 2010

    I was wondering what's fixed in the new BIOS. Toshiba does not disclose any information about changes in updates (why? It's really a weird thing to do).

    Does anybody know, what it does? It's the third update already, and still nothing.

  2. Re: Tecra S11 and BIOS update 2.20
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    Jun 2009

    It seems that such details about BIOS changes are not available on Toshiba European driver page.
    I found some details about BIOS updates and improvements on Toshiba US driver page but Tecra S11 is not listed. Maybe because it was note released only in USA.

    You could get in contact with a local ASP in order to get some information about changes in BIOS. Maybe the guys could provide some infoÖ then you could share it with usÖ

  3. Re: Tecra S11 and BIOS update 2.20
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    Oct 2009
    Hi sonnarch,

    Of course itís your notebook and you can do what you want but maybe a BIOS update is not necessary so why you want to do this update?
    I think you know what this update is always a little bit risky because in worst case you could destroy the ROM module and then it must be reflashed from an authorized service provider.

    So if your notebook runs properly and you canít notice any issues, I donít see a reason for such an update.

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