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Thread: Satellite P300-1A8 cannot get factory recovery to work

  1. Satellite P300-1A8 cannot get factory recovery to work
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    May 2010
    Hi there,

    Been having lot's of problems on this machine. It started with a nearly full C: partition which made Vista invoke a drive compression.

    After that the laptop would not boot; after POST there was just a blank screen (no flashing cursor). The tap 'F8' solution from the manual would not work.

    With no booting system, i tried using a Vista recovery CD. But this would not even boot, even after setting BIOS to boot from CD first, or even using the F12 boot selection screen.

    I had to physically remove the hard drive from the laptop to get the CD to boot. But obviously couldn't do much after that. At this point i'm thinking that the hard drive compress utility had corrupted the boot sector.

    So i connected the Hard drive to a desktop PC, Backed up all 3 partitions (1 hidden plus C: 'Vista' and D: which held the HDDRecovery files)

    I then tried formatting then drive and reinstating the partitions. This is the point i'm having problems with.

    I used Boot-us software to make the first partition hidden which is what it was. Hidden. Plus i left it without assigning a drive letter.

    On the second partition i used windows backup to restore the C: drive, this software didn't restore all files by the way it left out important ones such as Winload.exe, which is why i had to do a factory restore.

    On the third partition i restored the 'HDDRecovery' folder.

    Now after editing the BCD file i was able to enter the Toshiba recovery environment from a bootable CD that i created from the hidden partition.

    The problem i am now having is that factory recovery is failing because it can't find the HDDRecovery files, the error it shows up is:- 'The recovery of the operating system is impossible! Could not find HDD Recovery folder on second drive of the first hard disk. There is no valid HDD Recovery environment on this computer.

    I assume that by 'second drive' they mean second partition. Because when i did a test with a different partition layout, leaving out the hidden one and having just the C: 'Vista' partition and D: 'HDDRecovery' partition, i managed to get past this error. But was then stopped by a Diskpart check that looked for 3 partitions. I added a third partition to see would that would do and Diskpart completed it's check selected the second partition and erased it!! Note that partition had the HDDRecovery files on it.

    I hope i have explained this well enough, apologies for the length of post.

    In short i would like to get the factory recovery environment to work given that alterations have been made to the hard drive partitions.

  2. Re: Satellite P300-1A8 cannot get factory recovery to work
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    Mar 2010
    Hi, mate

    Unfortunately, I don't think you can recover the factory settings even having Hdd recovery folder. I had the same situation like you. i wanted to install Windows Xp on my A500 and didn't make a recovery disk. So, the factory settings gone and no recovery disk was available. I didn't want to pay money for a recovery disk. I just got windows 7 copy disk, installed it with all drivers and application I need. Then, made a hdd image of my current Os with acronis true image, created a recovery zone and that's all. Now, if I want to restore Os, i just press f11 on startup, enter acronis and it restores from Hdd image. It takes me 10 minutes to wait..

  3. Re: Satellite P300-1A8 cannot get factory recovery to work
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    Dec 2004
    The whole idea to format whole HDD and later make the same structure as before was wrong.
    This will never work even you will be able to do this.
    Forget HDD recovery. It will not work now.

    All you can do is to install OS using original Toshiba recovery DVD disc. Before recovery installation starts whole HDD will be deleted, new partitions created and recovery installation can be done.

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