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Thread: Satellite L500 - Always freezing

  1. Satellite L500 - Always freezing
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    May 2010
    I bought a Satellite L500 and brought it home the first day I froze, the only way to switch off was the on off button. Luckily the shop kindly replaced it for me. Took the second Satellite L500 home and the next day it did the same thing! It froze and I rang toshiba and they told me to run recovery disk, I did and it again froze after recovery?

    Okay I went back to shop and they again kindly exchanged it for another L500 (why did I bother). Now 4 weeks later after being okay its started freezing again. Now this is a big problem! I am so dissapointed with Toshiba and quite annoyed of to. I rang them an have to ship it off, and telling me to pay an 82 dollar fee and its under warranty. This is not stress a uni student needs!

    I decided to google these L500 series and apparently this is quite common the freezing thing? Can anyone suggest a solution?

  2. Re: Satellite L500 always freezing -
    What drivers are you installing? Maybe a printer driver or something is causing the freezing?

    Did you install extra RAM? Run memtest to test the RAM for errors. www.memtest.org

    Also try disabling the Wireless LAN. Some Routers can freeze laptops and require a firmware update

  3. Re: Satellite L500 - Always freezing
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    Oct 2009
    Hi buddy,

    Iím really wondering about this. Friend of me bought Satellite L500 3 months ago and everything is working properly. He never had a problem with this notebook and it runs really great!!!

    May I ask you if you have connected any external devices, mouse, keyboard, screen, etc.? If yes you should remove them all.
    As Akuma wrote, which additional applications you have installed and does it freeze in BIOS too?

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