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Thread: Satellite A500-1DN - Crashing while playing games

  1. Re: Satellite A500-1DN - Crashing while playing games
    >Number one
    >The cooling unit is incapable of coping with the heat generated, this is my primary thoughts as if I have >it sat on my knee I often complain about the heat being generated.

    First of all the notebook should not be used on knees! This is not advisable and not recommended since the cooling fans and grilles could be clogged and this would affect the optimal air circulation which could lead to higher temperature!
    Use it on the table and ensure that there is enough free space around the notebook!

    I’ve got an A500 unit and it’s running perfectly.
    I found an BIOS update which helped to reduce the fan noise. A graphic card driver update helped to get rid of some BSOD while gaming.

    >Number two
    >the layout of the interior of the laptop means that major components are placed to closely next to one another. Ie the motherboard and Graphics card are situated too closely too one another. I too took it back to Toshiba and they told me there was nothing wrong with it after exhaustive tests much to my frustration they "hoovered" it and handed it back to me with no results.

    Motherboard and Graphics card are situated too closely too one another???
    Come on man… are you serious?
    Did you see an NB200, NB300 or an U400 notebook series?
    These notebooks are much smaller as an A500 and all the parts are placed closer to one another!
    All notebooks from any manufacturer are designed in the same manner due to limitation of the space… so it’s nothing unusual and definitaly it's not a problem!

    > I also have one speaker that has sunk down leaving wires showing.
    This is not an case with my A500 so I recommend asking service technician for an help!


  2. Re: Satellite A500-1DN - Crashing while playing games
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    Jun 2010
    To the above commenter.

    Thanks for bashing my response I appreciate I may not be the best computer person under the sun, however I do think my IT degree counts for something!

    Also if you hadn't noticed the huge number of people complaining about this issue, if you haven't had the issue good for you, however for those of us that are still struggling you telling us to download patches and BIOs and what not that are completely none related to our issue I find to some what unhelpful.
    As for playing with my laptop on my knee, It is also on top of cooling pad which lifts the fans well clear of any clogging.

    And if the layout and design of the laptop isn't a problem how come there are so many issues regarding this problem? While I appreciate that you think you know what you are talking about regarding the N series laptops they also have far less RAM, usually don't have a dedicated graphics card and also have the same sized cooling system to cool a much smaller machine.
    I have in fact had the pleasure of speaking with my representative who was very sympathetic with my issue and has currently applied to try a replacement and if I am still having an issue will give me either an equal or upgrade which is very kind of them.
    This is not a cheap laptop and we should not be having the number of issues described by many owners.

    I still believe that some of our computers are just "dud" computers and while the issue with some of them is Extreme like my own, some of you don't seem to have the issue.
    There is no current fix for this issue and I would suggest taking it back to you local Toshiba service centre and discuss with them options as they are generally understanding if you are still having issues after the first few visits!

    Will keep you updated!

  3. Re: Satellite A500-1DN - Crashing while playing games
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    May 2010
    ah, it still does it. even with the new graphic drivers. im realy not sure if its getting hot. i guess ill send it back again and request a refund or a new laptop. this is so bad. every time i load a game or video just about 5 mins in it just cuts out. im actually sure it has gotten worse

  4. Re: Satellite A500-1DN - Crashing while playing games
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    Sep 2009

    Such gaming issues are really annoying… I know how you feel…
    It’s really annoying if an game would crash during playing a new level and biting new high scores…
    However, I think it’s also related to a graphic card driver…
    I don’t know if this would help you or not but I searched a little bit in the forum and found some threads about BSOD because of GPU driver.


    Go through the threads and check the advices!

  5. Re: Satellite A500-1DN - Crashing while playing games
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    Feb 2011
    i also have the same problem
    mine crashes with Napoleon Total War

    Again I have contacted Toshiba and the pc has been sent back . but Toshiba are a waste of space!
    They won't admit that there is a problem with this pc and sort it out.

    I will be going to trading standards as this pc is spec'd for gaming but it does not work.

    I think we have been mis-sold this product.

  6. Re: Satellite A500-1DN - Crashing while playing games
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    Feb 2011
    All drivers are up to date
    My game works fine on battery, as soon as i plug it in to the mains it crashes.

  7. Re: Satellite A500-1DN - Crashing while playing games
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    Sep 2009
    If you would check the other threads then you will find different messages that display driver could solve such problems while gaming…

    If you think that this is a harder problem, then the hardware should be checked by ASP technician…
    if the technician would not find anything, then this means that this can be software issue (mean display driver compatibility between game and driver)…

    If you have this issue only playing this special game, then you should ask the game support for some tip… maybe some updates are needed…

    Greets… and good luck

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