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Thread: NB200 - Webcam not recognized

  1. NB200 - Webcam not recognized
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    May 2010
    Hi, hope someone can help with this!

    Webcam does not seem to be working. Running Windows XP. Doesn't show up in devices in Control panel>System>Devices

    For a while, I kept getting the error message "USB device not recognised" when I started the computer up, and then whenever I adjusted the screen, so those were probably linked. ?:|

    Updated the driver, and the USB issue went away, but when I try to open the Camera Assistant Software, it says "Webcam is either disabled or has failed. Please check your webcam settings."



  2. Re: NB200 - Webcam not recognized
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    Oct 2009

    First of all I would recommend loading the default settings in BIOS. Save these settings, exit the BIOS and restart your notebook.

    Then make sure that the newest webcam driver from Toshiba is installed. You can download it on the Toshiba website.
    Furthermore it would be recommendable installing the newest BIOS version. Check the Toshiba page!!!

    In worst case if you get the same problem after reinstalling from Toshiba recovery disk itís hardware related. That means you should contact an authorized service provider. The guys can check the notebook and exchange the hardware (webcam, cable or something else). Just get in contact with the guys and ask for help. From my own experience I can say they always try to help you as best as possible.

    Good luck! :)

  3. Re: NB200 - Webcam not recognized
    Do you have the original factory Windows installation installed?

    As mentioned, if the webcam doesn't work on a fresh factory Windows install, then there may be a hardware problem requiring repair.

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