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Thread: Re: Install Windows XP x64 on L500-1UU

  1. Satellite L500-1UU - SATA drivers for installing Windows XP 64bit
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    May 2010
    Hi to all.

    I got problem with installation Windows XP on L500-1UU. After check hardware settings Windows fall into BSOD. I have read that need install sata drivers into installation pack Windows using nlite. Please tell me where I can get this driver.

    Wait for response.
    Best regards.

  2. Re: Install Windows XP x64 on L500-1UU
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    Mar 2010

    Go to Bios. put ,,Comaptible,, in Sata Controller, press f10 -save and exit. Then, start Windows installation, no BSOD should be occur. After installation, you can install Storage Manager, restart and put back ,,AHCI,, in Sata Controller.

    But before installation, go to the driver page to check if all drivers are avalaible:


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  3. Re: Satellite L500-1UU - SATA drivers for installing Windows XP 64bit
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    Hi lis_2,

    For Windows XP 64bit you will not find any drivers on the Toshiba website. This 64bit OS isnít popular so there are not many drivers.

    I would recommend changing the HDD mode from AHCI to Compatible in BIOS. Then you can install XP without additional drivers.
    Furthermore check the forum content. You will find hundreds of threads about this.

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