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Thread: Disassembling an external hard drive

  1. Disassembling an external hard drive
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    Apr 2010
    Hi, I have an external hard drive (Toshiba PX1220E-1G25, 250 GB, 3,5'', http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/individualOptions.do?service=EU&ACTION=SHOW_ATTRIB UTES&OPTION_ID=111482&tab=1) that died after the warranty has expired.

    The enclosure is actually a Dura Micro Model 501-B101 (or maybe B112) HDD enclosure (http://www.duramicro.com/501.html).

    I would like to remove the HDD and hopefully recover my data.

    Does anyone know how to take it apart without ruining the HDD and the house? I can't find any disassembly guide on the net, and it won't budge even after removing every visible screws.

    Any help is appreciated.



  2. Re: Disassembling an external hard drive
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    Oct 2009
    Hi eldar40k,

    To be honest I never disassembled an external HDD and there are no disassembling guides as far as I know.
    Normally you have to remove all screws and then you can disassemble the external HDD case.

    But before you do something wrong, ask an authorized service provider for help. Maybe they can help you.

    Iím wondering that you need the data on it. What about your backup? Do you have one?

  3. Re: Disassembling an external hard drive
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    Apr 2010
    I asked the local service provider, but they said that they do not have disassembly guides for external HDDs. After removing the screws, it seems that it should be possible to remove the ends of the case, but something inside is either still connecting them, or it is stuck.
    I don't have other backup of the data (that was it), and it is not especially critical, but I would like to find out which part is dead (that is, the electronics of the house or the HDD), and use the one that is still working.

  4. Re: Disassembling an external hard drive

    I had a broken Toshiba External Disk as well and I just "brute-forced" the solution: on the rear side (where the connectors are), there is a metal blind that has no screws - it is glued. You can remove it carefully. Beneath it you find the screws!

    In my case, the HD was broken so no luck...

    Hope this helps


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