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Thread: Satellite A300-247 cant find HDD recovery folder

  1. Satellite A300-247 cant find HDD recovery folder
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    I have tried to reinstall my Vista home premium on my Satellite A300-247. I have buit-in OS. I have done it axactly according to manual (restart - F8 - repair your computer - ......) When I clicked on Toshiba HDD recovery in recovery tools system wrote me this:

    " the recovery of the OS is impossible
    Could not find HDD recovery folder on second drive of the first hard disk.
    There is no valid HDD recovery enviroment on this computer. "

    I want to ask what should I do reistall my OS. I have no disc with OS and tool for creating backup disc doesnt work.
    Is there some option to get from Microsoft or from Toshiba my OS on DVD?
    If I use this tool for reinstalling OS, will I loss all informations on drive D ( Vista is on drive C)

    Thanks for answer

  2. Re: Satellite A300-247 cant find HDD recovery folder

    Seems the HDD recovery does not work.
    Possibly something has been changed on the HDD recovery partition or the recovery files has been deleted…

    Usually it’s always advisable to create a recovery disk at first. This should be done at the beginning and such recovery disk is always helpful if something would go wrong with HDD recovery or with the HDD…

    Now you cannot recover the notebook because you don’t have such disk and the HDD does not work…

    What to do???
    Well, I think you would need to order new disk.
    You can do this here:


  3. Re: Satellite A300-247 cant find HDD recovery folder
    All you can do now is to order original Toshiba recovery disc under https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx
    Bad thing is that you must pay for it because you didn't follow “Toshiba reminder” and instructions how to create own recovery DVD installation disc.

    There is no other way to install OS again and have “Toshiba factory settings” again.

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