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Thread: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues

  1. Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues
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    Mar 2010
    I apologize if there is another thread for this particular model and issue, I'm just extremely frustrated and after hundreds of searches via toshiba, google, and chicony, I cannot find a solution. My laptop {Toshiba Satellite A305-S6905} was originally Vista upon purchase. My uncle upgraded it to Windows 7 and besides the fact that it constantly tells me that "This copy of Windows is not genuine", my web cam suddenly stopped working. It worked fine on Vista.

    I've uninstalled Camera Assistance and reinstalled it over 8 times. I **believe** I reinstalled the driver, but whenever I open (or try to open) Camera Assistance, I receive the message: "Webcam is either disabled or has failed. Please check your webcam settings". I've opened Device Manager, but the Chicony webcam is not listed. Nothing related to the webcam is listed. I've restarted my laptop...trust me, I've tried nearly everything. I have noticed that a VAST amount of Vista-to-Windows 7 Upgraders are having the same issue. Last resort, I decided to come to the website of my laptop manufacturer. I would greatly appreciate any help.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Re: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues
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    If there is no entry in device manager it is pretty strange. If device works properly it is listed under “Imaging devices” as Chicony camera.
    Somehow it looks like there is no connection between cam and mainboard.

    All you can do now is to test functionality with “factory settings” and see if the problem persists.
    If the situation will be the same you should contact nearest service and let technician to check cam functionality.

  3. Re: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues
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    Mar 2010
    Yes well I did a system restore and now the sidebar appears, but when I try to click on the camera it says: "Please turn on camera". I went back into the Device Manager and IMAGING DEVICE is listed, but instead of it saying CHICONY, it says UNKNOWN DEVICE and has a yellow exclamation point. I also tried to Update the Driver and the first time it told me that I had the latest driver, then it said:

    Code 19: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged

    and it mentions it's missing a necessary entry. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that sets me further back and goes right back to "Web cam is either disabled or has failed"...this all happened when I upgraded to Windows 7 >:(

  4. Re: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues

    Wait a moment…. Saying “did a system restore” what do you mean exactly???
    Did you use the Toshiba recovery disk in order to reinstall the OS on this notebook?

    Unknown device means that webcam driver is missing.
    At the other hand the Code 19 says your system registry is damage.

    What to say…. You could try to install the webcam driver manually.
    Firstly download then webcam driver/software from Toshiba page.
    Then go to device manager, click on update the driver and then point to the webcam driver files manually… this means that you have to choose the folder where the webcam drivers are stored.

    If this will not help, try this;
    - uninstall Chicony software
    - clean the registry using CCleaner
    - reboot the unit
    - install the Chicony software again
    - reboot and then test again.

    If this will not help then you should take the recovery disk and should recover the unit.
    This should solve the damage registry entries…

  5. Re: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues
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    Mar 2010
    A system restore as in........a system restore...not a PC restore (which requires the Recovery CD). I pretty much just set my laptop to an earlier time and the CODE 19 message suddenly appeared. Now a message is coming up that states:

    Wed cam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer.

    However, restarting doesn't work. I've installed the webcam driver repeatedly. Everytime I do, I get the first message: "webcam is either disabled or has failed"..I've tried updating it, it says that it's "updated to the latest version", yet the device remains "Unknown", and sometimes, it isn't even in the Device Manager.

    I just find it not only funny, but frustrating that hundreds of other Toshiba users are having the same problem while upgrading from Vista to Windows 7, and they {toshiba} refuse to recognize the problem. My webcam worked perfectyl while I had Vista, and now I'm just regretting the upgrade. Windows 7 has caused nothing but trouble since Day 1.

  6. Re: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues
    To be honest I don't believe in this theory about hundreds of users with the same problem.
    I have upgraded several notebooks like A200, P200, A300, P300, x300 and have never, but really never noticed something like this and after Vista upgrades everything was OK including webcam functionality with Skype.

    To be sure if there is some serious problem install OS using Toshiba recovery image and check it with factory settings. If the problem persists contact Toshiba service.

  7. Re: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues
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    Mar 2010
    Well I have contacted Toshiba by phone and was told by the representative that they **have** received an innumerable amount of complaints associated with Windows 7 and certain programs or drivers that used to function are no longer doing so. They just don't "have an answer" at the moment..of course. Just because YOU personally upgraded laptops without issues doesn't mean they don't exist. If Toshiba is fully aware of the problems associated with it, they need to correct it. The only solution they gave me was to Downgrade back to Windows Vista.....wth?

    I've reinstalled the OS..nothing. It's not just the Webcam that's acting up. However, that's the main problem I'm concerned about.

  8. Re: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues
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    Sep 2009
    Two hours ago I have upgraded Satellite A300-1LI from Vista to Win7 using Toshiba upgrade kit.
    Cam works well.

    My Satellite A300 and yours A305 (probably US notebook model) are supported for Win7 and if hardware is not defective it MUST work properly.
    Last month I have also installed clean Win7 installation on friend’s brand new Satellite A500 and have installed “Camera Assistant Software” for Vista and it worked too. We have tested functionality with Skype and MSN. No problems at all.

    So I really believe it should work and it has nothing with Win7. I also don't believe there is big difference between your US and my European model.

    By the way: have you contacted Toshiba directly calling Toshiba’s hotline or you have contacted Toshiba service provider?

    One more thing: try to discuss it on Toshiba US forum too - http://laptopforums.toshiba.com/tshb/
    Maybe someone there has noticed the same cam behaviour under Win7.

    Good luck.

  9. Re: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues
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    Mar 2010
    I contacted Technical Support for computers...
    I know my hardware is working properly, I've had it examined at both Best Buy and Micro Center. They say it's in "top condition", but nobody can figure out what the heck is going on. I've done the OS installation (again)..still a no-go.

    Funny that you should say my A305 MUST work properly..because the A305 (yes it is a US model) is the main model I keep coming across on forums, toshiba websites, and through extensive google searches as the one that has the most issues. Since everything worked fine on Vista and since the upgrade the Win7 is isn't, and I'm 100% sure that my hardware is NOT defective..the only conclusion I've come up with is it HAS to be something faulty with Win7.

    If you got the Camera Assistant Software from online, could you provide a link and one to the driver as well? I've downloaded and re-downloaded etc etc...I'm 99.9% sure I'm downloading the "correct" one...but then again, there's always that .1% chance that I'm wrong haha

  10. Re: Satellite A305-S6905 and Web Cam Issues
    Lets; summary;
    Webcam is working properly running Vista (preinstalled by Toshiba)
    Webcam is not recognized running Win 7.

    >If you got the Camera Assistant Software from online, could you provide a link and one to the driver as well?
    Camera assistant software contains the tool and the driver… this means that there is NO special webcam driver for Chicony webcam… after installation of Camera assistant software, webcam should be recognized and should run.

    All the drivers for this notebook model can be found here:

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