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Thread: Satellite P300-27x - processor upgrade question

  1. Satellite P300-27x - processor upgrade question
    Hello !

    I just bought my Satellite P300-27X, but i found out, that the processor is a little to slow... so now i am looking about upgrading processor... I've been looking at the intel dual core P8700, P9500 or maybe T9300 ( I generates 10W more of heat ?)....

    Now i would like to ask if its possible to upgrade with written processors ? I have the same GM45 and socket BGA479... But the voltage is differerent on these procesors.. .

    How do i change that ?

    Do i need to put new bios -does it exist ?
    What about heat ? I the current heat dissipaton OK for the 2,5Ghz processor ?

    Thank you for you answers !

    My laptop specifications:


  2. Re: Satellite P300-27x - processor upgrade question
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    Generally speaking CPU upgrade is not supported and I think it is not best solution for you.
    Check also http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

    In my opinion CPU on your Satellite has enough power for all operations you need. To increase notebooks performance, upgrade the RAM. As I can see it can be upgraded up to 8 GB.

  3. Re: Satellite P300-27x - processor upgrade question
    Thank you for answer Keany, but I guess that the official Toshiba statement :)

    Why upgrading ram, if i need processor power for rendering... I have ram more than enought and with those processors I would get roughly 30% more output.

  4. Re: Satellite P300-27x - processor upgrade question
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    > Thank you for answer Keany, but I guess that the official Toshiba statement
    Well, in Toshiba documents you will always find an official Toshiba statement ;)

    But the point is that CPU upgrade is not really easy and advisable due to different reasons;
    First of all notebook disassembling is tricky… it’s not the same easy procedure like with an desktop PC.
    Secondly the BIOS might cause some issues… the point is that the BIOS has been developed an configured for the CPU used in the P300 and if you would use an other, different CPU then a compatibility issue might appear…

    This means that nobody can say, if your notebook would run stable after an CPU upgrade

  5. Re: Satellite P300-27x - processor upgrade question
    Hello Paolo !

    I understand the laptop disassembly, i have repeaired few laptops, from graphics to simple cleanings...

    I understand the "point" that this laptop was not designed for any other processor... but i cant help wondering if this BIOS is written for this specific model or all P300 and then the processor tells the BIOS which voltage and so on is necessary... Therefore you dont need any bios upgrade, since it already have settings for different processor... ? as far for heating, its the same series processor and has same thermal values...

    But dont worry, i will only upgrade if i will have need for it, since its 190€ upgrade...



  6. Re: Satellite P300-27x - processor upgrade question
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    hi Frostie,
    as i can read you are a pro...

    look for your modell with the "biggest" cpu in it - this one will run on this plattform.

    sure more cpu power is always the best solution to get more rendering power... this statement proves what i thougt before...
    but you are right: more power is always best...

    ok lets see: same socket, same specification, same voltage > the new cpu should run
    you need the latest bios and do some praying that this cpu is supported too...

    but keep in mind: it will produce more heat! the cooling system is designed to get rid off the heat as the specification says...
    and you cant tweak the mobo (cpu settings) like a normal desktop pc - if it runs than probably not with full speed...
    and i dont think toshiba will provide a special bios for you only.

    make sure that the chipset is able to handle the new cpu too...

    good luck and tell the comunity your successes!

    btw: i would always upgrade memory first - double the memory seems to speed up the system 4x

  7. Re: Satellite P300-27x - processor upgrade question
    Here comes Al-ex ! :) HI :)

    I've seen P300 serie (same model) with the processor i want - P8700, but it bothers me, that the voltage is a bit different, mine is 1.062C-1.150V and P8700 is 1.00V - 1.25V, thats the only difference between them... but it is used in the same series... and the chipset mathches, socket, cheked all that...

    I checked the latest bios version for the laptop that uses P8700 and mine and found out, its the same 30/04/09 3.40-WIN... interesting :)

    Mobo is the big thing that has been always bothering me in Laptops... just cant change it.... overclock, underclock,...

  8. Re: Satellite P300-27x - processor upgrade question
    oh, and about the ram upgrade... i dont think its really the problem here.... I have 4Gb 800Mhz and when i render it doesnt even use all ram, what it does is 100% cpu usage :p how come in my manual/toshiba page isnt somewhere mentioned what it the max Mhz for RAM or speed of HDD ?

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