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Thread: Satellite Pro P100 - Battery fails to recharge

  1. Satellite Pro P100 - Battery fails to recharge
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    Feb 2010

    I have an old Toshiba Satellite Pro P100, a refurbished model, which I got 2 years ago.
    It has worked fine ever since I got it, but I went overseas for a month and left my laptop at home.
    When I returned I found that the laptop battery won't recharge.

    The battery power indicator on my desktop says 0% and it requires constant connection to the mains to work.
    I've looked through the manuals, all they tell you is that a flashing orange light means low battery, but not what to do if it doesn't change.
    I also looked online, but they don't help either.

    What I want to know is whether there is a way to fix my battery or if I need to buy another.


  2. Re: Satellite Pro P100 - Battery fails to recharge

    It looks like battery fault.
    But check the battery connection firstly.

    Remove the battery and after short time connect it again.
    If this will not help then you should replace the battery and should test the notebook using new battery.


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