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Thread: Qosmio X500-10V and 2 issues (freezing and HDMI)

  1. Qosmio X500-10V and 2 issues (freezing and HDMI)
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    I ordered this notebook about 4 weeks ago and haven't done/installed a lot yet. Only different Poker-Softwares, Chat-Software and a ton of music from my old notebook. That's all I use it for.
    But from the first day on, this notebook crushes regulary, at first I thought it freezes only when I am very busy, using a lot of RAM or try to open a programm or such but now I realized that those freezes are completely independant from anything and they just come and go.
    How the freeze goes: It totally freezes, monitor, mouse, sound (the last ~5ms from the actual music/whatsoever get repeated constantly, like a vey loud buzzing)
    I have to shut it down by pushing the on/off button a long time. When I restart it sometimes shows the message: Operating System not found. When I restart it again afterwards, it always works.

    Anybody any idea?I could send it back and get a new one, couldn't I ?

    I have a Playstation3, I tried to play over this desktop, so plugged in the HMDI cable and no reaction whatsoever, as if I haven't done anything at all.
    Should it be enough to download the driver which I just found online, or is it actually plug and play?

    Appreciate your help, sorry for bad german grammar.


  2. Re: Qosmio X500-10V and 2 issues (freezing and HDMI)
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    This freezing issue is not easy to explain but it sounds to me as some software conflict but don't ask me why this happen exactly. Qosmio X500 is very powerful notebook with more than enough RAM and I am really confused why this happen.

    Maybe this poker software is designed to blocks if you have good chances to win. ;)

    To be honest I don't understand what you want. As far as I know Qosmio X500 has one HDMI port and it works as audio/video OUT port. That means you can connect your notebook to LCD TV and have perfect pic and sound quality on your TV.

    If you want to play Playstation games on notebook display I don't know how you want to send signal into the notebook using this OUT port.

    Have I understood you right about that?

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