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Thread: Satellite L350-262 - Startup repair screen appear

  1. Satellite L350-262 - Startup repair screen appear
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    Jan 2010
    Can anyone help?

    I have had an L350-262 only 2 days. Already I have had the startup repair screen appear showing there is a problem and Windows can't operate. When the system tries to repair automatically it says Windows cannot repair automatically.

    I have viewed the diagnostic and repair details and the root cause found shows that Startup Repair has tried several times but still cannot determine the cause of the problem. Last night I'm sure it said Registry is corrupt but I can't see anything like that today? When I go advanced options for system recovery and support, I select U.K as my keyboard input method. It then says I must login to access System Recovery options and if I have problems logging in to contact computer administrator. I can't get to the login screen so this is proving difficult.

    Has anyone had similar problems and if so how did you have the problem resolved?


  2. Re: Satellite L350-262 - Startup repair screen appear
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    Oct 2009

    Somehow your posting is a little bit confusing and not detailed. You mean that this startup screen appears suddenly and you didnít change anything on hardware or software?

    What happens if you try to boot in safe mode? Is this possible?

    To be honest at the moment I think itís time for reinstalling Windows if Windows canít solve the problem itself.

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