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Thread: Satellite L500 - Windows 7 compatibility with Nero

  1. Satellite L500 - Windows 7 compatibility with Nero
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    Jan 2010
    I have recently purchased a Satellite L500.
    I wanted Nero on it so this was part of the appeal of the Toshiba.

    I now find that the version of Nero installed on the laptop
    is not compatible with Windows 7.
    I am sure that Toshiba must be disappointed with this glitch and it was not their intention.

    I would be grateful if someone could suggest a resolution to this problem outwith purchasing an upgrade because this adds considerably to the final cost of the unit.

  2. Re: Satellite L500 - Windows 7 compatibility with Nero
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    Dec 2008

    Which version of Nero you are trying to install?

    I assume some older versions are not compatible so you should check the Nero homepage for latest version. All current versions there are compatible with your notebook.

    By the way: For 3 months now Iím using CD Burner XP. Itís freeware tool and smaller as Nero. I like it, itís my favorite. :)

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