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Thread: New Satellite L500 wont start

  1. New Satellite L500 wont start
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    Dec 2009
    My Xmas gift to my son shows Windows starting to load files and open, then an error message appears stating an error has occurred

    Error: F3-F100-0005
    please press OK to turn off the computer.

    Does anyone have any clues as to how we can make it work?


  2. Re: New Satellite L500 wont start
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    Sep 2009

    I have no idea why this error appears but it would be recommended to reinstall the Windows and to configure the system again.

    You should use the HDD recovery option!
    For this power up the unit and press F8
    Then new menu should appear where you should choose the option “Repair my Computer”.
    After that choose “HDD Recovery” option which allows you to reinstall the Windows again.
    Finish the configuration and test the notebook.

    Good luck

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