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Thread: Satellite Pro P300 - HDMI output port doesn't fit

  1. Satellite Pro P300 - HDMI output port doesn't fit
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    Dec 2009
    Hello All,

    Well this is starting to drive me to distraction and Im hoping theres someone who can put me out my missery lol.

    I have been trying to hook my laptop (toshiba satellite pro p300) up to my LCD TV via the same HDMI cable I use for my PS3 but the connector just wont fit. I keep finding all these posts in various forums saying how they cant get sound out the HDMI connection...that would be great, as at least that means they have them connected.

    Are there different connections for HDMI? The one I have is diagonal connector but the port on the laptop is more square, and just doesnt fit. So if there isnt a connector, does that mean I have a funky port, on the laptop.

    There is also the matter of connection my laptop to my amp that controls the surround sound system. What connection is best to use, as there is no real audio out connections?


  2. Re: Satellite Pro P300 - HDMI output port doesn't fit
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    Sep 2009

    Can you please tell us what Satellite Pro P300 you have exactly? I mean the exact model number.
    Maybe you can also post a picture of the HDMI port. Normally there are no different HDMI ports, all have the same physical dimension.
    Iím not PS3 owner but maybe it has a special connector. Have you tried another cable?

    Regarding the audio connection I use the normal line out port for my external speakers. Did you test this?

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