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Thread: NB100 - How can I recovery it?

  1. NB100 - How can I recovery it?
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    Nov 2009
    Sorry for my english

    my nb100 start to freeze after a vitit on a strange site. Non virus found but I want to recovery but dont now how. There is a recovery partition or I need a cd for recovery?
    When the system start say press f12 to boot menager is it useful for this?

    plese help me!

  2. Re: NB100 - How can I recovery it?
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    Sep 2009

    You can recover the unit easily:
    You have to use the Toshiba recovery disk when you connect an external ODD (optical disk drive).

    - connect an USB CD/DVD drive to the USB port
    - insert the recovery disk
    - turn on the notebook and press F12
    - in menu select CDROM
    - wait until system has booted from recover disk and follow the instruction on the screen.

    If you have not created the recovery disk then do this!!!
    Otherwise you can order it here:

  3. Re: NB100 - How can I recovery it?
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    Feb 2010
    I have download 'Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator'
    from here http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/support/notebooks/nbseries/nb100/pll10a-01c02h/download?os=22

    but I can't install this software. Everytime a warning box says "it is impossible to install this application on this computer."
    I have tried 3 different computer. of cause, they are not NB100 becasue I the operation system on my NB100 is crashed. I need to create a recover disk to restore it.

    thanks for your help.

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