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Thread: Satellite L450D-11H - Can I downgrade to Windows XP?

  1. Satellite L450D-11H - Can I downgrade to Windows XP?
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    Nov 2009
    Hi Guys

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D-11H with the following specs

    - AMD Sempron Processor SI-42
    - DVD-RW SuperMulti drive (Double Layer)
    - 1024 MB DDR RAM (800MHz)
    - 15.6" TruBrite(1366 x 768) High Brightness display

    I was wondering if there is anyway to downgrade from my current Windows 7 to Windows XP..

    Thanks Guys

  2. Re: Satellite L450D-11H - Can I downgrade to Windows XP?
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    Oct 2009

    I have checked the Toshiba website and for Satellite L450D it shows only drivers for Windows 7.

    Of course you can install Windows XP but in this case you have to collect the drivers on external websites because Toshiba provides only Windows 7 drivers.
    To find Windows XP drivers you should ask Google, maybe you can find some drivers they will work.

    But Iím wondering that you want to downgrade XP. In my opinion windows 7 runs pretty well and Iím satisfied with new Microsoft OS.

  3. Re: Satellite L450D-11H - Can I downgrade to Windows XP?
    As mentioned above; you can install Win XP but the drivers have to be collected at your own hand!
    I think this should not be an big problemÖ
    Most notebooks use the same devices and the single drivers should work on different notebook models as well.

  4. Re: Satellite L450D-11H - Can I downgrade to Windows XP?
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    Nov 2009

    Just bought this machine myself and want to do exactly the same as you. Have phoned Toshiba helpline and they confirm that this is do-able although may be driver issues. They said as long as I crated the backup restore disks first so we can get it back to its "new" state (with Windows 7) the warranty is not affected in any way.

    Have you managed to do it?
    Did you get all the drivers you need?
    Anything not working?

    Appreciate any advice before I take the plunge over the weekend.


  5. Re: Satellite L450D-11H - Can I downgrade to Windows XP?
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    Nov 2009
    I have just finished this job on my L450 - 11H

    Used drivers for the L450 (not the "D" model") for just about everything.

    I got the chipset driver from the Realtek site - and the graphics driver. The ethernet I let Windows find for itself on the internet after I had sorted the wireless LAN.

    One piece of advice, I learned the hard way. Install XP, then install a full version of anti-virus software (the whole package, not just the setup) then sort your internet access, then update the anti virus. I sorted all the drivers and stuff before the anti-virus and you guessed it - I got a virus which prevented me going online to anti-virus and Microsoft update websites. I had to reformat and start all over again. Basically and sorry if this is obvioius - get protected first.

    I installed the power driver, power program, control driver, control program, cardreader driver, webcam, sound drivers, graphics (from Radeon), Chipset (from Radeon), I have no hardware conflicts and everything works fine. I also installed the Synaptics touchpad drivers although the touchpad worked without them.

    I have all the files here and will gladly help if I can - leave a message here and I'll keep my eyes open. I'm not sure if I can post my e-mail address (might be against the rules?). I could perhaps send you one or twp of the files, or point you in the right direction if you need it.

    If your laptop is new, make sure you run Windows 7 first and make at least 2 copies of the Toshiba recovery disks (2 disks per set). I called Toshiba helpdesk and they said what I wanted to do would not affect the warranty as long as I had the recovery disks and could, on their say so, return the laptop to it's "new" state if I had any hardware issues. Once you have these, go ahead and install over the C drive installation of Win 7. There will be a HDD recovery folder and a couple of other little files left in the "data" drive - i have kept these, albeit hidden in case they are important. The HDD recovery folder is over 6Gb but i did not delete it

    Good luck


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