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Thread: Portege M400 freezes due to overheating

  1. Portege M400 freezes due to overheating
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    Nov 2009
    I have exactly the same problem with a Portege M400.

    After an hour or 2 the the fan becomes extremely noisy and the PC freezes. The base of the PC becomes too hot to touch and in fact the Tochiba/Microsoft and barcode stickers on the base have turned brown due to the heat.

    The only way to fix the problem seems to be to turn the PC off for 15 minutes of so and reboot.
    When this happens I am usually only running outlook, Norton and a browser!!!

    This hs been happening for about 6 months. I've cleaned out the fan but this has made no difference - anyone know a fix?

  2. Re: Portege M400 freezes due to overheating
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    Jun 2009

    If you have cleaned the cooling modules and if this didnít help, then you should get in contact with an local ASP technicians.
    Possibly the notebook must be disassembled completely and should be cleaned inside.
    This is very tricky procedure! Furthermore the thermal grease which I placed between the CPU and the cooling modules should be renewed.
    After a long time of usage, thermal grease becomes dry and cannot channel the warmness created by CPU.

    Last but not lease you should use your notebook always on a table. Do use it in bed or lying on the knees. In such case the cooling ventilator would not get enough air and this leads to a higher temperature.

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