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Thread: Explorer.exe does not work properly.

  1. Explorer.exe does not work properly.
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    Nov 2009
    Hello everyone.

    My name is George Sebros and I owe a Toshiba Satellite A300.
    The reason why I am posting this new thread is that I need a little help from anyone who knows something about my problem above:
    One day, about 2 months ago... I turn on my Satellite A300.
    When it logged in, not only none of my icons appeared but also the start menu didn't....
    The only thing that appeared in a totally BLACK screen, was my "Documents and Settings" folder which was opened automatically.
    There was no way I could find neither the Start menu (I mean the task bar) nor my icons...
    So, everytime I closed the Documents and Settings folder that was appeared, the only thing I could see was a black screen....
    It was a kind of shock for me and I could not believe in my eyes...

    After a few days, I tried the well-known combination "Ctrl+Alt+Del" in order to see what was working and what was not.
    Then, I pressed the "FILE" and then "NEW TASK" and finally, I typed the word "explorer" in it.
    That was it!! Suddenly, everything turn to normal as like the day before the problem begun. I was happy because with this way, I was able to use my Satellite A300 again!
    However, this is an indirect way to make my PC work!
    That means that I am still fain to use that indirect way to make the icons and the taskbar appear.
    Does it mean that the "explorer.exe" is not working ?
    A lot of registry programs I use, notify me about some HKY.... folders that contain NO DATA. I must let you know that the explorer.exe ranks in these (empty) folders.
    Does this indicate that the registry programs I use, point out the problem I have??
    Can anyone help me ???

    I do not want to use the sure solution of FORMATING (also known as FORMAT).
    Thanks in advance,
    George A. Sebros

  2. Re: Explorer.exe does not work properly.
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    Sep 2009

    Seems your Vista is muddled up…
    You could try to clean the OS and the registry in order to avoid new OS installation.
    Please use the CCLeaner.

    I use this tool as well… it free and it cleans the registry and other temporally files.
    It helps really!

    But if the OS will still not work as it should then you should try a new installation…
    Of course this procedure is drastically because the HDD would be formatted but at the other hand you will get a clean and fully functional OS

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