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Thread: Cleaning a X300-01U keyboard

  1. Cleaning a X300-01U keyboard
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    Nov 2009

    I want to clean my keyboard, but i don't know how to get my key loose. Can please someone help me!


  2. Re: Cleaning a X300-01U keyboard
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    Oct 2009
    hi scathach,
    i think there is already a post to this subject...

    but sure we can help:
    take a big screwdriver, force it into your keyboard... you'll see all caps were loose after this action!

    serious now:
    i wont disassemble the keycaps - something can break.
    take a brush with 1inch hairs (or shorter) and remove dust.
    if you prefer take out keyboard - this will eez the work.
    but this wont help if there is a chocolate bar under the keycaps ;-)

    btw: this forum has a *search function* thats working well... maybe you wanna try...

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