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Thread: WXP Won't load up - Toshiba welcome screen then then nothing

  1. WXP Won't load up - Toshiba welcome screen then then nothing
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    Nov 2009
    I opened my computer from stand by earlier. And received a error message such as:

    Then it had a countdown until it restarted. After the computer restarted (the toshiba screen loads up) then nothing happends. I've managed to get into the safe mode start up page, however when I select boot in safe mode, it doesn't do anything, effectively freezes. Seems the problem is with XP.

    I have also tried doing 'last good configuration' but that also refuses to load.
    I can get into BIOS however.

    The black background and white writing boot screen which breifly flashes up when after the toshiba screen doesn't even come up.

    I have a Satilite P100-429 Using XP SP2 (or 3) can't remember.

    Is this a hardware issue? Will I lose data?

    As far as I am aware my system was clean and I was using a good anti-virus.

    Please please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.

    Thanks in advance, Max..

  2. Re: WXP Won't load up - Toshiba welcome screen then then nothing
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    Oct 2009
    hi RisSsky,

    you are in deep deep sh...t...no not really...
    sounds like the filestructure on hdd is damaged.
    is the hdd recognised by bios? means it is listed as a device?
    is there an audible sound from hdd? scratching or humming or ticking?

    chkdsk may help but i would do it "safe mode" in case you wanna not lose data on disk.

    dont panik we'll get it right.

    2 options to solve this:
    the first and save:
    - disasemble old hdd (you'll need it later)
    - get a new hdd and make a recovery/installation on the new disk.
    - get also an usb-hdd connector to get access to the old hdd and copy data to the new disk.
    or the 2nd:
    - run chkdsk on your hdd maybe you have to do this with a "live-system-on-cd"
    be aware if there is a serious problem it will get worse...
    - start in safe mode

    if you are lucky the 2nd option will do it.
    as said before i would do it "the safe way"

  3. Re: WXP Won't load up - Toshiba welcome screen then then nothing
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    Feb 2010
    Hi RisSsky (or Max?)

    Yesterday I looked at Toshiba Europe support forum chatgroup for the first time, because Toshiba Australia no longer provides help on installing Win XP. I had the same hair-tearing problem as you when I installed WinXP on a Satellite A300 already loaded with Vista. I am no expert but I found a solution (for me) on Microsoft Windows support forum. In case you or others are still having this problem, it is usually not a major hardware or software problem but needs a small adjustment to the boot settings in XP.

    Start XP boot-up with one finger poised above the F2 button.
    While the TOSHIBA logo is briefly showing, press F2 to get into Boot Setup.
    (The mouse does not work in Setup, so use the arrow keys to navigate.)
    Use Right arrow to move from Main screen to Advanced screen (top row)
    Use Down arrow to highlight SATA Controller Mode
    Press Enter to get list of options. I had choice of "Compatibility" or "AHCI", with AHCI set by default.
    Highlight "Compatibility" and press Enter to select it.
    Press F10 then Enter, to save the change from AHCI to Compatibility, and to exit Setup.
    Resume XP boot-up. With luck it should now work OK.

    I also had to download about 30 driver files (conveniently assembled on the Toshiba website) to suit XP on my particular computer model. I downloaded and saved them to hard drive in Vista, then installed them in XP after XP was up and running. My XP drivers had .....XP.exe at the end of the name, or possibly ...XP.zip. I did not find a README-style instruction file at Toshiba, but after many attempts found I had to install an A300_IntelChipset driver first, then A300_ATIDisplay driver, then an A300_Common Modules driver, then the rest. Some drivers were specific to my A300 model, others were general. A few (eg drivers for infra-red port or internal dial-up modem) failed or were not attempted because my computer does not have those devices. Check the Toshiba website for device drivers to suit XP on your particular model.

    Hope I have helped


  4. Re: WXP Won't load up - Toshiba welcome screen then then nothing
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    Feb 2010
    thank you...thank you... again thanks.. you don't know how much this means to me.. thanks..


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