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Thread: Memory upgrade on Satellite A100-467

  1. Memory upgrade on Satellite A100-467
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    Oct 2009

    I wold like to upgrade my laptop memory from 1gb to 4gb. I got the Satellite A100-467.

    What is the best memory for me?? I will get the Win7 32bit OS

    Can I use this http://www.fcenter.ru/products.shtml?eshop/act=h:a:0:115:a:a:a:0:a:1:30:r:1:1&oper=74198 (SO-DIMM DDR2 SDRAM SEC (PC6400,* 800MGz*, CL6) or only 533?

    Thannks for the help

  2. Re: Memory upgrade on Satellite A100-467
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    Sep 2009
    FSB speed on mainboard is 533 MHz and compatible modules are DDR2-533 but you can use DDR2-667 RAMs. 2 GB RAM has part number PA3513U-1M2G.

    More info about compatible RAMs you can find on KINGSTON page.
    Check it out.

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