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Thread: How to obtain a HDD manufactured date?

  1. How to obtain a HDD manufactured date?
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    Oct 2009
    How do I decode a HDD serial number to get the correct manufactured date?

    I have found some information, see attached below, but the HDD in question is SATA and the serial number decodes to Feb 1997 which cannot be correct.
    SN in question is 27MJFxxxx. From instructions below, 7 = 1997 - what would 2007 be?

    Thanks for any help.

    How to encode a Toshiba Hard Disk Drive Serial Number?

    The Toshiba serial number (S/N) includes details of the date of manufacture. The first digit of the serial number indicates the Month of manufacture and the 2nd digit indicates the Year.

    M Y x x x x x x x
    M = Month
    Y = Year

    The month digit goes from 1, for January, through to 9, for September, and then X, Y and Z, for October, November and December.

    2 8 1 7 0 0 0 1 A
    2 = February
    8 = 1998

    3 0 5 4 4 3 0 6 T
    3 = March
    0 = 2000

    X 9 D 7 8 3 3 1 T
    X = October
    9 = 1999

    The remaining digits contain information about factory and production line, and some digits are reserved for a continuously running serial number.

  2. Re: How to obtain a HDD manufactured date?
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    I have googled a little bit and there are many people who suggested how to read an serial number… I have no clue if it’s right but for example if you have a serial number: X7TO234534… then the product data would be October 2007 (X7)
    X=10=October, Y=Nov, Z=Dec
    The first digit is the month and second digit is a year.

    So in your case the serial number 27MJFxxxx should mean Feb 2007

    However, these are just some gossips in internet and who knows if it’s right or wrong…

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