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Thread: Portege R100 - Network Controller Driver

  1. Portege R100 - Network Controller Driver
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    May 2009
    I've just installed windows7 business version on this laptop and I've got a Code 28 message in the Device Manager/Network Controller/General/Device Status window.

    It can't find an appropriate driver.

    I'll obviously need to instal via a CD or floppy as I can't currently access the network or the internet via that laptop.

    But can someone give me the url of an appropriate driver.



  2. Re: Portege R100 - Network Controller Driver
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    Dec 2008

    I think it could be a little bit difficult to find an Ethernet controller driver for Portege R100. The point is that this pretty old notebook supports only up to Windows XP according the Toshiba European driver download page.

    So you have to search on external websites for drivers. The most Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7 so you should look for Vista drivers.
    What Ethernet controller you have?
    If itís a Realtek for example, you can search on the Realtek website: [www.realtek.com]
    Or e. g. Intel => [www.intel.com]

  3. Re: Portege R100 - Network Controller Driver
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    Sep 2009
    Hi RobFJ,

    did you already have some luck with your ethernet driver?
    Actually, I am trying to install windows 7 here on my Portege R100 as well but I am really stuck. I can't boot from the DVD since my external USB drive is not detected by the BIOS. How did you manage to install W7?
    I tried already so many different things (PXE network boot, etc.) since I also don't have a floppy drive for the laptop.
    Your experience and help would be very much appreciated!



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