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Thread: How do I get Toshiba power saver to work on Satellite M30?

  1. How do I get Toshiba power saver to work on Satellite M30?
    I recently had to reinstall XP on my Satellite M30 PSM33A

    I have most of the drivers but have not been able to get Toshiba power saver to work, nor the FN keys, the drivers I downloaded off the site installed but say "cannot open as you do not have access rights".

    This is frustrating as my screen is really dim.
    Also, my CD drive works but I cant play DVDs - it says I have an incompatible driver and I've tried everything

    Can anyone help? Cheers

  2. Re: How do I get Toshiba power saver to work on Satellite M30?
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    PSM33A must be Australian notebook model so please download all drivers, tools and utilities from http://www.isd.toshiba.com.au/71/live.dll/topic/content/driver_search.jsp?MODE=NPRO&CATOID=-15058

    There you can find all stuff you need. I don't know what is wrong there but please install all stuff following this installations order:

    1. Chipset Driver
    2. Microsoft Updates
    3. Display Driver
    4. Common Modules
    5. Hotkey for Display Devices
    6. Display Device Change Utility
    7. Sound Driver
    8. Touch pad Driver
    9. cPad/Touch pad On-Off Utility
    10. Modem Driver
    11. V.92 Modem Driver
    12. Wireless Network Driver
    13. Atheros Client Utility
    14. Network Driver
    15. Infrared Driver
    16. ConfigFree
    17. SD Host Controller Driver
    18. SD Memory Card Driver
    19. SD Memory Card Format
    20. Power Management
    21. Utilities
    22. Button Controls
    23. Console
    24. DVD Player
    25. Drag'n Drop
    26. CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer
    27. Skins for Windows Media Player
    28. User`s Manual
    29. Screensaver
    30. Wallpapers
    31. Sun Java Runtime Environment

    I hope this will help you to install all drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities properly.

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