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Thread: Satellite A500 or L500 - which is better?

  1. Satellite A500 or L500 - which is better?
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    Aug 2009
    Hoping someone can provide with me some insight. I'm buying a new computer and other than Harmon Kardon speakers, I don't seem to see a huge difference between the L500 and the A500 series. To be more specific, here are the models I'm looking at. As you can see, they differ in price quite a bit, so what's the story? Is there a huge difference in the system other than the speakers?

    [http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/laptop-model.jsp?family=Satellite&model=L500] [http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/laptop-model.jsp?family=Satellite&model=A500]

    And yes, I'm aware of all the customization options, but even if they have the EXACT same specs, that A series is still more expensive. Why?

  2. Re: Satellite A500 or L500 - which is better?
    I would go for the A500, because its generally a higher end model with faster components.

    The A500 has an Intel CPU and dedicated ATI graphics, compared to the L500D which has an AMD CPU and a slower ATI Graphics chip.

  3. Re: Satellite A500 or L500 - which is better?
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    Satellite A series is definitely better choice. If you compare the design you will notice that A series has better design and noble look.
    All A Satellite notebooks have not the same hardware platform and before you buy one pick up info about all available models in your country.

    If you buy Satellite A it will be good choice for you.

    BTW: has L500 harman/kardon speakers? ;)

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