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Thread: Satellite P200-1FC - Memory parity error

  1. Satellite P200-1FC - Memory parity error
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    Aug 2009
    Hope someone can help! The laptop freezes randomly with the following message:

    *hardware malfunction*
    Call your hardware vendor for support
    NMI: Parity check/memory parity error
    *The system has halted *

    We have to turn the computer off and re-start it and now starts up no problem. Previously we had to leave it 12 hours or more.

    Any ideas what could be wrong??? Laptop is only 18 months old.

    Many thanks

  2. Re: Satellite P200-1FC - Memory parity error
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    Dec 2008

    I have a little bit searched with Google and it seems that this error message apperas due a faulty RAM or HDD. So you should try to test both hardware parts with special test tools:

    With the Drive Fitness Test you can test your HDD. Download the CD image, burn it on a CD and boot from it. Then you can test the HDD.
    On the same website is a user guide if you want to know more.

    Memtest86 is a diagnostic tool to check the RAM. There you can also download a CD image.
    Itís easy to use. Run the test 3-4 hours and then you will see if the RAM has some errors.

    I hope this is useful for you! :)

  3. Re: Satellite P200-1FC - Memory parity error
    I agree, it sounds like there is a RAM problem, or perhaps a memory related problem with the CPU or Mainboard.

    Run Memtest. Also try removing any extra/additional RAM you may have installed, or try the RAM in different slots, or try it with just one RAM module, etc..

    I've seen this NMI error on a friends Tecra (I think it was a Tecra 9000), it turned out to be a Mainboard problem.

  4. Re: Satellite P200-1FC - Memory parity error
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    May 2010
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