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Thread: Notebook Toshiba Satellite P10 problem!!!!

  1. Notebook Toshiba Satellite P10 problem!!!!
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    Jun 2005

    I have a TOSHIBA notebook Satellite P10, Windows XP.

    It is a new computer, not second hand!
    The problem is that it shuts down itself when I connect it to the AC adapter.

    The only way I can work is charging it while it is off and then using it while on battery.

    The problem appeared after 20 days I bought it.
    I sent it to the TOSHIBA service, they updated the BIOS, it worked perfectly for 5 hours (connected to the AC adapter) and then the same problem appeared.

    Do you have any suggestions?
    I am looking forward to your replies!


  2. Re: Notebook Toshiba Satellite P10 problem!!!!
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    May 2005
    Hi Christina,

    Does your notebook powwer itself down suddenly or does it do a controlled shutdown ? What happens when you try to power on your notebook when the AC adapter is connected ?

  3. Re: Notebook Toshiba Satellite P10 problem!!!!
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    Dec 2004
    Dear Christina

    In my opinion you should not try anything. The unit is a new one and there is valid warranty. I donít know in which country you live but inside of 14 days you can exchange your unit with a new one. Please contact your local dealer. Maybe is it possible to exchange the unit. If not, stay in contact with the service partner. Every hardware malfunction can be repaired and they should check it properly. You have paid a new product and it must work properly.

    Good luck!

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