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Thread: Flashing power light on Portege M200

  1. Flashing power light on Portege M200
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    Jul 2009
    My power light on my Portege M200 flashes amber 10000110 ( or _ . . . . _ _ . in Morse) what does it mean?

    It starts to flash when I try to power on and will not finish until I take both battery and power supply out.
    It will flash even if I start without battery!

  2. Re: Flashing power light on Portege M200
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    Feb 2005

    When the notebook has a problem with power supply (board electronic), sends hexadecimal code.
    In your case there are two problems:

    - To know what this code means you must know exactly how to read this code. The binary code must be converted to the hexadecimal code and then you could compare the code with the description in the maintenance manual.
    - Maintenance manual is not a public document.

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do alone. please contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and let them check your notebook.

  3. Re: Flashing power light on Portege M200
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    Jul 2009
    Thanx, the problem is that I live on a small island in the Caribbean and here we do not have any authorized dealers for any thing. We are used to fix things our selves. I

    I do not have my manual any where to find as I actually don´t reme
    mber where I put it.
    I got a message on a DOS screen just before it was ssupposed to boot, saying "...(some thing )....Battery low, pres F1 to set computer clock." I do not remember what it was in the beginning but it was 3 or 4 letters fin short for some component)

    Could that be the BIOS battery? as the lap top has not been on for a long time? Could changing of BIOS battery be a soulution?

  4. Re: Flashing power light on Portege M200
    BIOS battery has nothing to do with it. When notebook was not off for the long time connect it to AC adapter and leave one hour. After doing this it will power ON properly and BIOS battery will be charged. After 48 hours the BIOS battery should be loaded properly.

    This code is shown when there is some problem with board electronic and power supply electronic.
    I can understand that you try to repair everything alone but this is too complicated and it should be done by authorized personal only.
    To be honest I don't know how technicians handle with such cases and if they replace defective module or maybe whole mainboard.

    “Maintenance manuals” is not public document and cannot be downloaded. Many people are like you and want to repair everything alone but without manuals and exact explanation how to do this there is no much you can do.

    Disassembling and soma hardware components replacement is not problematic but defective power supply electronic.... I don't know.
    Anyway, maybe someone else has more experience and will post more about it.

    Good luck!

    One more thing: visit also US forum under http://laptopforums.toshiba.com/tshb/ and explain the problem. Maybe someone there has good advice how to repair it.
    Please send us some feedback.

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