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Thread: Dual VGA \ DVI output on Dynadock??

  1. Dual VGA \ DVI output on Dynadock??
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    Jul 2009

    We have recently got the DVI \ VGA Dynadocks U10 and have got all the software installed
    In the box was a note stating that with windows XP it is not possible to set an external monitor to the primary screen and then set the notebook monitor to the secondary

    This is fine, however I have got a VGA and a DVI monitor connected to the dynadock

    Is it possible to have the notebook display turned off and have the VGA as the primary monitor and the DVI as the secondary?
    Everything I have tried so far has failed

  2. Re: Dual VGA \ DVI output on Dynadock??
    Have you tried setting up the Displays in the Advanced Display Settings?

    I dont know what PC you have, but go into the nVidia/ATI/Intel Graphics Control Panel. You should be able to modify the screen outputs there.

  3. Re: Dual VGA \ DVI output on Dynadock??
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    Nov 2008

    it is not possible to use both (VGA + DVI port) at the same time.
    You can use either a VGA or DVI monitor with the dynadock but you can connect the VGA monitor to the computer directly.

    best regards

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