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Thread: Satellite U400: Bluetooth & PCsuite connection issue

  1. Satellite U400: Bluetooth & PCsuite connection issue
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    Jul 2009

    i have a little problem with U400 and Ericsson C510 trying to connect by bluetooth.
    Installed new bios, bluetooth stack 6.10.10(T) . The bluetooth stack sees C510 but when it tryes to pair it says "Detection of service failed" .

    When i try pair devices by PCsuite 5.009.00 it goes further.
    PC suite give me PIN and C510 ask input, but when i confirm the pin in C510, PCsuite returns error "pairing not successfull, want repeat?"

    From this time C510 apears in window "view paired devices" in bluetoothstack options....but PCsuite doesnt see C510 and BluetoothStack neither....

    thank you in advance.

  2. Re: Satellite U400: Bluetooth & PCsuite connection issue
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    Feb 2005

    Iíve had similar problem with Satellite P200 and my Motorola mobile phone. Yesterday I have installed latest BT stack version 6.40.02(T) and suddenly everything works well.

    Please install latest BT stack from http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/bluetooth/ and try again.

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