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Thread: Cannot start Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator on my Satellite A300-15K

  1. Cannot start Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator on my Satellite A300-15K
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    Jul 2009
    Hi! I'm from Poland so my English is a little poor.. (but I hope that is sufficient)

    My problem:

    I haven't Recovery disc (DVD) because I don't use earlier Toshiba Recobery Disc Creator (when all in my laptop was good).

    Now I haven't do this disc because when I start Toshiba Recovery disc Creator I have a error:

    " Program Launch RDC and create INI files for RDC Recovery partition _przesta┼? dzia┼?a─? (ceased to operate)_

    error details:
    Nazwa zdarzenia problemu: APPCRASH
    Nazwa aplikacji: TRORDCLauncher.exe
    Wersja aplikacji:
    Sygnatura czasowa aplikacji: 4682674e
    Nazwa modu┼?u z b┼?─?dem: WIMGAPI.DLL
    Wersja modu┼?u z b┼?─?dem: 6.0.6001.18000
    Sygnatura czasowa modu┼?u z b┼?─?dem: 4791a7a6
    Kod wyj─?tku: c0000135
    Przesuni─?cie wyj─?tku: 00009cac
    Wersja systemu operacyjnego: 6.0.6001.
    Identyfikator ustawie┼? regionalnych: 1045
    Dodatkowe informacje 1: 9d13
    Dodatkowe informacje 2: 1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8
    Dodatkowe informacje 3: 9d13
    Dodatkowe informacje 4: 1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8

    Przeczytaj nasze zasady zachowania poufno┼?ci informacji:


  2. Re: Cannot start Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator on my Satellite A300-15K
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    Jan 2006

    Did you change anything on your notebook?
    I mean if your HDD recovery partition has been changed or the data o thin partition has been deleted?

    To be honest for me it looks like the OS issue. I think itĺs not a single tool issue but I think the operating system has been muddled upů

    Maybe you should try to recover the notebook using the Toshiba HDD recovery option and after the new OS installation on the notebook you could try to create the recovery disk again.

    In order to start the recovery you have to press the F8 immediately after the notebook has been powered up. Then you should choose the first option called ôRepair My Computerö.
    This would lead to a new window and there you could choose ôToshiba HDD recoveryö.

    But note; this recovery would format the whole HDDů so maybe you should backup some data before you would start this procedure.

  3. Re: Cannot start Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator on my Satellite A300-15K
    I cannot understand what you wrote there but what you can try is to install OS again using F8 and ôRepair my computerö option. With clean preinstalled OS you will be able to use Toshiba Recovery disc Creator again.

    If you will not be able to do this there is nothing you can do except to buy Toshiba original recovery DVD and use it for further Vista installation.

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