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Thread: How to make partitions using the toshiba recovery cd

  1. How to make partitions using the toshiba recovery cd
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    Hi forum users. I just want to explain more about creating partitions using our Toshiba Recovery CD. I own an A50-101 Satellite Notebook.

    I searched topics on this forum and found this post by Quad. Just follow these steps carefully and you'll be successful in making partitions on your hard drive.

    BELOW is the post by Quad.
    Hi forum users

    If someone of you needs precise description of OS installation using “Expert mode” maybe this can help you.

    When Recovery procedure started there is menu where you can choose between two installation modes.
    1. Standard mode
    2. Expert mode

    Under first one there is important warning: “All stored data on your computer will be lost.” It is also important that trough Standard installation one partition will be generated and all data on the hard disk will be lost.

    If you want to install OS on a partition please use Expert mode. In this case the software can be installed onto an existing partition. You can also make one by yourself.

    If you want to make partition with defined capacity please do it on this way:

    1. Choose “Expert mode” pressing number 2
    2. Approve OK pressing ENTER button
    3. Choose LOCAL > DISK > FROM IMAGE
    4. Look in: must be selected to CD-ROM drive
    In the middle window choose GHO file and press ENTER
    5. Using TAB button you must mark information about drive and so on and press ENTER
    6. Using TAB button mark again middle part of window (blue line) and with SPACE BAR activate “New Size” box
    7. Put inside new partition size and press again ENTER button
    8. The question “Proceed with disk load?” confirm with OK

    I hope this can help you to make desired size of partition.


    On step 6 above, enter the size of the partition you want. Size must be entered in megabytes (MB) and not in gigabytes (GB)!!! (mine is 40GB HDD, that is 38146. I enter half, 19073)
    Proceed with disk load? Click OK.

    It will now recover your machine to it's factory setting. 2 partitions will be made.

    After the restoration is complete, open My Computer. There you will see only Local Disk ( C: ) on the Hard Disk Drives. Click Properties and you will see only the size you specified on Step 6 above (20 GB). So where is my other 20 GB??? It's a 2 way process to make a new Logical Drive.

    Follow this link: (These links has screen captures, for easier understanding)

    http://www.theeldergeek.com/hard_drives_07.htm - Creating an Extended Partition (Step 1)
    http://www.theeldergeek.com/hard_drives_08.htm - Creating Logical Drives in an Extended Partition. (Step 2)

    I hope this can help you to make a new logical drive from an extended partition. :)

  2. Re: How to make partitions using the toshiba recovery cd
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    Hi …012

    Thank you very much for your posting. I have forgotten to mention that the logical drive must be created because the unusable space will not be shown by Windows.

    But there are users like you to help. Respect!
    The topic about “Expert mode recovering procedure” is now perfect.


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