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Thread: Satellite Pro A120 won't boot from disc

  1. Satellite Pro A120 won't boot from disc
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    Jun 2009
    I'm trying to install xp onto my Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E) which is running Vista Business (somehow) on 1GB RAM. I have tried setting BIOS to boot from CD-ROM, I have tried setting to boot from CD-ROM using the splach screen otions (F4). The CD drive whirrs and I can hear it trying to read the disc (continuously); however, the system always hangs on the black 'press any key to boot from CD..' screen and doesn't reach the blue screen with white writing. If I leave the dots to continue across the screen I just get the boot options for Vista or memory diagnostic utility.

    The optical drive is okay: I can open the disc and run setup (without an install option) inside windows.
    The disc is okay: I have installed this XP Pro SP2 onto other PC's without problem

    I thought it might be the SATA driver issue, but having downloaded the drivers and compiled a disc using nLite, I realised my error - if it won't boot from CD what good is putting the drivers onto the CD?

    We have several A120's at work and I cannot get any of them to boot from a win XP Pro SP2 disc!

    I now think there must be some setting that prevents downgrading from Vista to XP: I do not have the knowhow to set up windows from DOS or I would try formatting the drive and putting the files onto the hard drive and then installing it that way.

    Any help would be much appreciated...Vista Business might be okay with 3GB of RAM but not with one. What were Toshiba thinking when they put this package together?

    Thanks in advance


  2. Re: Satellite Pro A120 won't boot from disc
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    I doubt that this issue has something to do with the SATA drivers. You need only the SATA drivers on the blue screen with white letters where you can choose if you want to install XP (press Enter) or you can choose the repair console (press R).
    But on this screen you will need the SATA drivers. Otherwise the HDD will not be recognized.

    However in your case I would try another XP disk. I know that the disk is working in another computer but maybe your ODD is not working properly anymore and so it canít read any disk. So please try another one.

    Furthermore you should try to load the default settings in BIOS. Maybe it works.

    Have you tested another bootable disk?
    Check this please!

  3. Re: Satellite Pro A120 won't boot from disc
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    Jun 2009
    Thanks for your response Boarder; however, as I said the ODD is fine and so is the disc: on the same machines I can explore the disc and get it to run inside windows. The install option is not active inside windows, just the compatability options, etc.

    Have you successfully loaded xp oto an A120 pro satellite running Vista business? I can't figure out why it is not working.

    A memtest disc boots successfully.

    No problem with BIOS settings.

    I might just give up on this one...any other ideas?

  4. Re: Satellite Pro A120 won't boot from disc

    Iím not a Satellite Pro A120 owner but I had a similar issue on another notebook. Windows Vista was preinstalled and I wanted to downgrade to XP. I couldnít do this and the computer freezes with a blank screen.

    The solution was to format the HDD first. Therefore I took a tool from the HDD manufacture and I deleted all partitions and formatted it.
    After this I could boot from XP disk without any problems.

    Maybe you should try it to. To format the HDD you can a tool that you want. You can do this with a Linux boot disk, bootable Windows OS (BartPE), tool from the HDD manufacture, etc.
    If you search a little bit with Google you should find something. There are many tools (freeware) for this available.


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