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Thread: Re: Qosmio G30 and green screen issue

  1. Qosmio G30 and green screen issue
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    Dear friends

    I thing is interesting for any owner of Qosmio to have a look this:



    My Qosmio G30 is already death I have got a estimate from official service, to repair my qosmio cost almost 600 pounds. Is a design fault. Look on internet.

  2. Re: Qosmio G30 and green screen issue
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    Interesting links! Thanks.
    I must say then I must be lucky guy. My Qosmio G30 (German model) still works well and without any problems

  3. Re: Qosmio G30 and green screen issue
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    It may have something to do with this: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_bios.jsp

    Czech Republic is not so lucky. Have troubles for long time but Toshiba here told me before came this article that everything is o.k. with my Qosmio G30-126. Now they like to do another diagnostic.... I am wonder why they didn't found out trouble before - during first diagnostic.

    A well, not more this producer with so bad service and customer care!


  4. Re: Qosmio G30 and green screen issue
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    Have you contacted Toshiba directly or authorized service provider in your country (some company who has contract with Toshiba)?

    I mean if Toshiba offer public documents with such content I don't see it as “bad customer care”.
    If they have new and better diagnostic procedure now it is positive and way in good direction.
    Better diagnostic, better research must result with better customer care.

    Such issues happen everywhere, especially in car industry when thousands of cars will be sent to repair because there was some problem with quality. Of course it is annoying but happens often in industrial production.

    For me Qosmio is G30 great notebook with impressive design. I had it last year for about 6 months. It was model with HD-DVD drive and I was happy with it.

  5. Re: Qosmio G30 and green screen issue
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    Sorry for it. I bought the Qosmio in July 2007. I contacted not seller but direct authorized service of Czech Toshiba in Brno (we have others two in Prague and Hradec Kralove). In Brno they told me "it is normal". I has also trouble with display, it came scratchy from keyboard after a while (before I used the Dell XPS and not trouble as this at all, only there replaced for the start fens, twice graphic card, chipset, twice motherboard, once grr my English, the box which is on power line :) and they decided that this piece have some troubles so gave me money back. I bought this Qosmio because I read some review where it was mentioned as great machine. Hm, but it surprised me that they told me that only with Vista it can be sell. I tell you this time Vista just started and some blinking screen surprised them. At last they told "it is normal" again. They told me to the strips over my jobs and collapsing program (Photoshop) that it was not sell with this notebook so not warranty with this. When I asked them what about a game program which will not run on this notebook if it is normal, they told yes, not warranty. When I asked them where is on NVidia driver for Vista that it is strange that still not there, they told me use the new Toshiba driver. I told them I used and it is not working very well. At last they told that in original configuration (it means with the original old driver) it was working very well. I told yes, till this moment when it was totaly empty and you have been surfing on the web or doing nothing. Also programms as Windows Media Center was not working at all.. they told upgrade will be soon... At winter 2008 came first time driver from NVidia on the web for Vista. It select it automaticaly, if it overwrite my original drive GeForce Go 7600 to 7650 it was working much better that the Toshiba one. But still collapsing windows after a while, windows which has inside black or window from program which was open under it or only desktop. It got overheat always. Everything with my jobs last to long. I was seating and watching processing, windows over windows, strips over it.

    The last summer they did diagnostic for it and found nothing wrong. It was August 2008. I contacted also one of high managers of Czech Toshiba. He wrote me that I have to change service station. But I was 3 days before half year trip overseas. In September came this issue from Toshiba about replacement and troubles with cards.
    See links where the trouble is. The graphic card has troubles in all computers everywhere, not only in Qosmio. I think Toshiba did also mistake with Vista on this notebook. I am sure with XP it should work much better
    http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9106 398

    The two mens in Brno CHG Toshiba (service) I know personaly. Also the manager has private contact to me. Nobody wrote: Hana come back!

    I pay fot this notebook over 80.000 CZK. In this time it was approx. over 3.000 Euro. I am working with photographs and truly this slow machine was for over 2 years big break for me!

    I like to be fair and never will wrote what is not true. To display: serie G40 have much stronger frame. Anyone can tell me why? They argue that I am puting something heavy on it. Maximum my glases which I am using not very offen. If you take sides of this notebook, or if you put something under one of stands, it is flexible. They told me you have to use something between keyboard and display. Well, I should but trouble is that when I bought it was not included, nowhere in manual it is mentioned. My last notebooks were without trouble as this as well (both 17").

    I was not only one not happy customer http://www.asklaptopfreak.com/laptop-notebook-help/2007/07/08/toshiba-qosmio-g30-screen-problem/comment-page-1/#comments

    to this all. I am using laptop every day and at service they told me that I have replace everything an put everything in original so they will check if it is working. I have not time to do everything, backup and after it installing all back! Truly if somebody used not correct components why customer have to be in so big troubles?

    I asked specialist for report. I told him about my troubles and his answer was that he did one return the last year. The display have on sides holes and via this is going in to the display dirt (have all ready this there also). I will claim money return and payment of the expert when I came from my business trip. I hope I will be able to buy another laptop at first so I can continue my job without delay.

    Sorry for so long writing and for my not best English. Sorry that I have to write it at all. Be sure I will prefere to be happy customer!

    Regards, Hana

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